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  • Nicholas Wade

    Nicholas Wade

    I'm a science writer and have worked on the staff of Nature, Science and, for many years, on the New York Times. nicholaswade@yahoo.com

  • Jahan


    Writing about video games for over a decade now. Always looking for new creative challenges. https://virtuamuserredux.blogspot.com/

  • Marine Dondy

    Marine Dondy

    Biologistuderende, socialist, veganer, environmentalist.

  • Kassie Kimball

    Kassie Kimball

    Freelance content writer. Aspirational minimalist. Bad vegan. Gamer and general nerd.

  • Kate Irwin

    Kate Irwin

    Writer, PC gamer and content creator. I have an MFA in writing from Columbia University.

  • Bart Chlebowski

    Bart Chlebowski

    Veteran English teacher, perpetual grad student, writer, agitator

  • Chelsea Cristoffor

    Chelsea Cristoffor

    Character in an RPG called Earth. Find me on Twitter and Youtube. Support me with a cup of tea: https://ko-fi.com/ccristoffor

  • Paul Lombardo

    Paul Lombardo

    Journalist writing about video games and the stories they tell | Student at the University of Florida

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